Hello, I'm Hande Güner.

Welcome to my site where I can introduce you to my professional business life.

After graduating from Yıldız Technical Architecture Department in 2007, we made a quick start to the sector and opened our own architectural office with 3 close friends. In these years, we have signed numerous architectural implementing projects such as residences, schools, shopping centers, public buildings.

After gaining experience in the design side of 4 years, I left my partners to learn the tricks of the trade. By starting to do interior architecture in a corporate company, I gained tens of stores for this pioneering company in the sector.

After 7 years of professional corporate company experience, I founded my own brand Hande Güner Architecture in 2019 in order to process my vision more comfortably, to take my design ability out of certain limits and to fly freely with my own wings. I am happy to share with you every project of mine that I have adopted as a principle of being innovative and original.